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I have been watching a lot of movies this week. Especially on the plane on my way to Dubai. I watched Encounters at the End of the World, a documentary by Werner Herzog and then 5 movies on the plane: Le Scaphandre et le Papillon, Entre les Murs, Enter the Dragon, Man on Wire, and Superman(1978). Today I played The Curse of the Black Freighter and Under the Hood which are 2 extras from the world of The Watchmen.
However there are 2 of these that stand out considerably: Encounters at the End of the World and Man on Wire, which happen to be 2 incredible documentaries. The first one is about why and who are the people who go to Antarctica (i watched it 3 times), and the second is a documentary about Philippe Petit, a funanbule who walked on a wire between the twin towers in 1974.
They are both very different in styles. I know not alot of people like to watch documentaries, but they are sometimes types of movies that can really keep you on the edge of your seat, especially having narrators such as Herzog and Philippe Petit.
Watch them and you won't regret it.


Anyone can wakeboard. Anyone can build a flash website in 2 days too :D
Carl and I spent this weekend building this super cool site for their new wakeboarding lessons off Montreal. I am really proud of this site.

G-Earth: Ile Amsterdam

This is a really cool island I found in the middle point between Madagascar Antarctica and Australia. It's actually a French territory. This very small island has amazing plateaus and a wide variety of animals such as albatrosses and wild bulls. It is also one of the three island that constitute antipodes with the united states. If you browse a bit south of this island there is another crazy volcanic island that has its crater as a bay.
so coooooooool.

video: What the.. Keith Olbermann

Very cool video. I love the way he talks.


Hi peeeple,
Today was my last day of class.
Check out my final project page:

the nose knows not

belle partie

chris, on est en train de jouer assez souvent, et il y a quelques minutes on a fini une belle partie ou j'ai fais un beau check mate contre Vivian. ;)
Quand j'arrive, je te challenge :)


video - musical drive through

this is hilarious
(thank you Neatorama !)

final space project

Scented City (still unsure about the title)
New title: The Nose Knows Not

As the modern city grows, it redefines what smells good and what smells bad.

I am exploring the evolution of smell in context of the growth of the city. In today’s architecture and interior design, we can clearly see the rejection of natural smells and odors: white walls, smooth surfaces, shininess, ventilation …
Artificial smell is created to represent what is new and clean and some odors that were previously considered to be pleasant have now become repugnant. We can see the rise of the skyscraper as a way to escape the ‘dirty’ streets. Towers also give a sense of hierarchy. The higher we are the more important we are.
But also this causes us to live further and further away from the natural world. In previous times, structures were close to the grounds where bodies, beasts, sex and feces lived which were considered to be a resource in pharmacy and cosmetics.

“The industrial age elevated whiteness and cleanliness beyond hygienic import to the status of moral values.”
Anna Barbara - Invisible Architecture: Experiencing Places Through the
Sense of Smell “Death/Entropy”

The result is that we start to live in a very artificial world secluded from what exists beyond our walls. The city has become a waste dump. Furthermore we loose our relationship with nature as it becomes less tangible.
It is interesting to think of how our world and us humans would deal with pollution and waste at a large scale. When the outside world becomes uninhabitable, where will we go? Will we live indoors? Find another planet?
Richard Goldstein illustrates well this pessimistic view of our future in The Logical Legend of Heliopause and Cyberfiddle. He shows that the only way to regain our senses of smell and touch is to reconnect with the tangible world.

Tommaso Filippo Marinetti said in his Manifesto (1910):
“The realm of life has become the realm of ‘non-life’; It is a world of death. Death is no longer represented by stinking feces and corpses. Now it symbols are clean, gleaming machines; men are no longer attracted to fetid latrines, but to structures in glass and aluminum.”

Through a structure inspired by Le Corbusier's Villa Savoie, Donald Judd's installations and the Monolith in Kubrick's Space Odyssey, I am building a tall structure where I let the users explore and smell through the protruding ducts odors that have left our lives, maybe forever.

mfadt fair

A bit of update on what's going on in our department: