A must see coming out in November.
Modernized Kubrick style sci fi creepy story.

il gatto

Not the cake. the kitty.
Abrilliant short film I found on Neatorama. Tarantino style parody. 


mountain bike lebanon 09

Few of you might know, last year, I went to shoot a documentary about a group of cyclists adventuring through the northern part of Lebanon for 4 days. 
This year, tomorrow, I'm off shooting the same group, cycling around the south of Lebanon, five days straight.
It's gonna take me some time to edit since my computer is in the hospital. But i'll keep you updated as much as possible. 
excitement excitement.

on social networking

I found this list off Vimeo. 
Some of them are really worth checking out, and even worth starting an account - like -- JK!
though i'm suprised they don't have in there. (my favorite) 

Hitler's Birthday

Need not say more. 

oh ow

Mon ordi a eu un probleme avec la carte video. Sa prendra au moins 2 semaines pour le reparer. (comme on est au Liban, cela peut varier de plusieurs semaines, voir mois.)

En tout cas, je ne pourrai pas finir mon site, et je ne pourrai pas poster des articles sur le blog aussi régulierement. :(

à la prochaine.