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Louise Poisson Coaching

louise poisson coaching
A site I have finished working on not long ago.

kayaking - sickline

extreme kayaking.

Info design for movies

This is quite amazing.
About Primer, I think it's just a bad movie. You really have to be super concentrated to understand a single thing that's happening in that movie. You can't even watch it with a fucking beer in your hand.

My name is Yann (project post)

I am originally from Lebanon, but lived in Dubai my whole life. I studied in a French school making it my first language. Having had a 'French' brain, an 'Arabic' background and a middle eastern physique made me live a life torn between different countries.
But I guess everything is cool now that I live in NYC.

One fun fact: I had all sort of hair styles:

And beard styles:



It's hard to impress me.
But there's one person in the whole world that does. It's Jay-Z. He just has this face that fucking scares the hell out of me. Every time we stare at each other, I can hear him saying:"..........................i'm jay z............................."
it's in his eyes.


type 'recursion' on google.
notice something funny?