when i grow up

I know i'm all out on videos right now, but there are some clips that deserve to be watched.
This one cannot be described into words. So you'll just have to watch it!

where have all the good sperms gone?

This is a song i found on another blog called 'skatterbrain'.
I found it hilarious so i'll pass the laugh to you guys as well.

dessin automatique

J'espere que vous aimez mon nouveau look ;)
Ca fait un peu commercial, mais bon. C'est gai, simple et joyeux.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a scan I found in my files. It was a drawing I did with my eyes closed listening to Tchaikovsky's Andante Con Moto - i think. - or another song by him. But I remember resting my head on the table for about 12 minutes, and letting my hand dance with the rythm of Tchaikovsky's notes.
I remember I was pretty pissed off that day, I think it helps to do stuff like that when you're in a bad mood, or just really stressed.

Even though it doesn't look like anything, it's interesting to glance at it when the song ends. It remains as some kind of an art piece - or can be seen as a graphic score of a musical arrangement.


A connoisseur (Fr. connaisseur, from connoistre, connaître meaning "to be acquainted with" or "to know sb/sth.") is a person - amateur or professional - who has a great deal of knowledge through experience and training about the fine arts or a field of study, and can be an expert judge in matters of taste.

The most common connoisseurs are for wines, painting, cinema, coffees, chocolates and rocks.

But if YOU ought to be a connoisseur about something, anything. anything at all. What would be that specific field of study that you are sooo passionate about and would like to know absolutely everything about it ?????

I would like to be a connoisseur of coulds, stars, or trees.

what about you?

spring break

Today is our first day of our long awaited spring break.
Obviously we don't have similar dates in terms of holidays, but i hope you all carried out your exams successfully. I did not do so well. But I will catch up quickly.

Enough bullshit. Let's talk about real bullshit :)
I have been reading about the history of spring break and found out it dated back to Socrates and the Greeks. Not very surprising. Basically, it's taking a big break from work, and getting drunk and drugged and fucked.
I want to dedicate this spring break to nature. I know it's corny and geeky, but really. If you think about it, spring is when flora gets to blossom again after a long and tough winter.
I want to dedicate this spring break to a tree. The tree of Ténéré. I don't know if you've already heard about it, but it was the most isolated tree on the planet. I've been browsing though Nigeria on GoogleEarth and stumbled upon the site where the tree lived before it was run down by a drunk truck driver in 1973. There was no other tree around it for 400km!! People really though it was a magical site. It really shows the power of mother nature's love for our blue planet. Today, an ugly metal structure takes its place to commemorate the tree.
I find this incredible. Really. I really recommend looking at the article on Wikipedia. it's soooo interesting.

This photo was taken in 1961.

Anyway, have a good spring break.

La maison en petits cubes

Ok, this short animation won the prize at the Oscars.
I just watched it, and cried. It is the second animated film that made me cry. The first one was Wall-e.
This film is has a rare and magical sensitivity that deserves a lot of attention. Beautiful.
- watch it!

voici un link sur un article interessant concernant le cinema japonais aujourd'hui.c'est assez court.

generations today

everything is amazing, nobody is happy... - Louis CK
Carl, this is for you.


"Nous menons tous des vies absurdes, grotesques et dérisoires. Mais comme nous les menons tous en même temps, nous finissons par les trouver normales. Il faut aller a l'école au lieu de faire du sport, puis à la fac au lieu de faire le tour du monde, puis chercher un boulot au lieu d'en trouver un... Puisque tout le monde fait pareil, les apparences sont sauves. Le but de notre époque matérialiste est d'étancher les rinces-doigts."

Frédéric Beigbeder dans "Vacances dans le Coma"