Maxime Chaya reaches the North Pole

Maxime is a Lebanese treasure.
He is the only Lebanese to have conquered the Everest, the South Pole and yesterday the North Pole. His courage, determination and perseverance should be a lesson to not only our country, but the whole world.
visit his blog.
Bravo and thank you.

artist: Dan DiMattia

This guy is incredible. He is my favorite tribal tattoo artist. I would, actually, I will go to Belgium just to get tattooed by this guy. I would get a stylized tribal dolphin on my back.

Check out his gallery, it's fantastic.
Off the Map Tattoo

disappears into the blackness

If any one of you have watched Planet Earth - the most amazing nature documentary ever made - you would have to recognize the narrator.
David Attenborough has the most captivating voice. He can put so much intensity in the most dull words he'll leave you on the edge of your seat.

Check this out:

If Twitter were a person

If Twitter were a person, it would be an emotionally unstable person.
C'est un article que j'ai trouver sur Neatorama contre le concept de Twittering. The author gives a very humanistic view on the act of twittering.

But as Twitter's popularity wobbles at the tipping point between faddish distraction and worldwide obsession, it's worth wondering how much of this "connecting" is simply hastening the erosion of our already compromised interpersonal skills. Are we tweeting because we truly want to communicate with a select group of true friends, or because typing has replaced talking and indiscretion has been stripped of all negative connotations?


stupid stupid

You have to be stupid in order not to be boring.

video - mtv cribs arabic

I just saw this vid on someone's blog called 'mind body and soul'.
It's been a while since i've seen such a funny clip. This is absolutely hilarious.
Eric and Carl, you guys will love it.

artist site - Michael R Allison

First artist site of the week.
Michael R Allison
Don't pay attention to his site. I know it sucks. Look at his work.
There is beauty that flows within the cold lifeless ducts.


New School craziness

This morning, Izzo, Olgu and myself came to school with our 2x2ft box project that was ready for presentation. Unlike other mornings, our main school building was occupied by aproximately 20 students since 5AM. A protest organized to demand a resignation of our president Bob Kerrey.
We arrived on 13th street and 5th avenue, the Parsons building's main entrance was blocked, and the were cops everywhere. Literally. We had to rush upstairs as we were a bit late. We kind of missed some of the action even though we could see out the window the other building being occupied and infiltrated by the police.
I suggest you watch the videos on this article by the NYTimes. And read the article if you're interested with what's going on with my school.

video - Olgu's motion graphics homework

Olgu kindly accepted to put his video homework on my blog. I think it deserves to be the first video of the week.

Made with a green screen using a green blanket, edited with After Effects using Keylight.

NYC Pillow Fight 2009

Just FYI, April 4th is the Annual International Pillow Fight Day.
I found out the same morning around 10AM on
This year it was staged on Wall Street at 3PM. I woke up Olgu and Jason around 2:15 and we headed downtown. When we got there, a hot Red Bull chick offered us some cans - We were now ready.
Armed with our cameras, we waited to jump into the mayhem. Unfortunately, we didn't have any pillows. In the crowd, people were shouting: "Get them!! They don't have pillows!! OH WAIT! They're wearing glasses!" XD

Here is the video I edited the same night - SAVOR!

google ∃ place - Altay (Russia)

A you all know (if you read the previous post) this is the first update on the Google Earth Place of the week.
I found a beautiful region around the "Altay" or "Altai" mountains in Russia. It's located a few kilometers from the intersecting borders of China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Russia. We are here in the dead center of the continent of Asia. A region that has been rarely explored by tourists. I guess it's because it's such a vast region, with very few villages, and tough weather. But that wouldn't be a reason not to venture in the arms of mother Nature.
Once again, there are no words for describing beautiful landscape, and definitely no words describing the actual experience. So i'm going to cut down on description and leave you guys with pics from the ingenious API "Panoramio" embedded in GEarth.

Road towards the Altai Mountains

The Ukok plateau in the middle of the Altai chain, explorers on their horses.

blog news

Hey everyone, I have some good news.
I am going to have short theme posts that are going to appear every week.

Here is the list:
- Artist Site of the Week.
- Google Earth Place of the Week.
- Video of the Week.

Now doesn't that sound wonderfully exiting?

Empire of the Sun, "Walking On A Dream"

Ok, this is seriously the last video i'm posting. It's been three in a row, but i just can't help it. This one is just as amazing.
It's incredibly catchy and the shots of Shanghai are fabulous as well as the characters.

Oh and sing along if you can !

Walking on a dream
How can I explain
Talking to myself
Will I see again

We are always running for the thrill of it thrill of it
Always pushing up the hill searching for the thrill of it
On and on and on we are calling out and out again
Never looking down I’m just in awe of what’s in front of me

Is it real now
When two people become one
I can feel it
When two people become one

Thought I’d never see
The love you found in me
Now it’s changing all the time
Living in a rhythm where the minutes working overtime

Catch me I’m falling down
Catch me I’m falling down

Don’t stop just keep going on
I’m your shoulder lean upon
So come on deliver from inside
All we got is tonight that is right till first light