the reader

Je suis crevé. Je n'ai pas dormi ces deux derniers jours a cause d'un projet. Je suis rentrer de mon cours et j'ai dormi. Quand je me suis levé, j'avais une envie d'aller voir un bon film au ciné. Je trouve que cette envie est magique. Aller voir un bon film tout seul dans une salle de cinema nous laisse vraiment vulnérable a n'importe quelle émotion. Et c'est cette vulnérabilité que l'on recherche. Après une longue période de fatigue, on veut juste être controlé par le film - par le cinéma. C'est cela qui est magie.
Je suis aller donc voir The Reader. J'ai trouvé l'histoire bof, mais bien adapté. Par contre les scènes sont magnifique. La musique aussi. Le rythme du filme est juste parfait. Et Kate Winslet est une déesse du cinéma. Je vous le conseille absolument si vous êtes d'humeur a voir un film avec de belles scènes, de bon dialogues et relations entre personnages, et aussi, si vous aimez lire :)


I haven't seen The Wrestler, The Reader, nor Frost/Nixon. But i bet they kick ass. I better watch them asap.
If Slumdog was released after the Oscars, I'm pretty sure Dark Night would have gotten the trophies it deserved. But Slumdog really was a masterpiece. I really enjoyed it. Having lived in Dubai, also traveled to India, I could really connect with the movie and it was pretty emotional. Danny Boyle has an awesome editing style that makes you dive in the heart of the movie. A must see.
As for the others, I have missed the Werner Herzog documentary, one of my top next movies to watch. And I really want to watch that Japanese foreign language film: the Departure.
Ok, one last paragraph. There was one thing that blew my mind during the show. If you guys noticed, after they made the announcement for the best picture category, they showed a video montage of the movies that were nominated. It was the best montage I've seen in my life. Absolutely magnificent. I can't describe it in words. If I find it (I hope I will) I'll definitely post it on this blog for you guys to see.
What a lovely night.

guard dog

A video I saw on , though i just HAD to post it. It's hilarious - but also kind of sad.
Don't be overprotective over the ones you love.

Guard Dog

the cigarette is dead

Maybe you all won't be interested in this, but Jason and Eric, you guys will like it.
I don't know who's behind it, but I found a site, entirely flash based, with an incredible intro video, on the cigarette.
It explains in the intro video how the cigarette is becoming a thing of the past. And when you enter the site, you can browse through posts on a time-line on people who have stopped smoking. You can even say something about your smoking situation and it will be added to the site's time-line.
Really amazing information design. Everything is so neat and intuitive :)

jasmine pearl tea

hello people, here is a new video i did last night with one of my favorite teas.
tell me what you think!

songs that give you chills

Have you ever listened to a song, walking alone on the street, standing in the subway, or just lying on the beach, blasting it on your headphones, and then suddenly you just feel an urge of chills all over your body the moment the chorus hits.
That's when you know it's a song you can relate to, or just because it's beautifully composed.

Whoever reads this post, post a comment with the 5 songs that give you chills coz they're so good.

Here are mine:
Flash - Queen
Let the Sunshine in - HAIR soundtrack
Hey Jude - Beatles
Jack-A-Lynn - Jethro Tull
La Sagrada Familia - Alan Parsons Project

humans are among us

These are amazingly funny posters.
Have you ever thought of being the intruder from their point of view?

These are taken from an ad campaign for the sci-fi channel.

photos on google earth

I don't know about u guys, but i'm really getting into this google earth app. It's simply just amazing. It's an open eye on the whole world. This week, i've been literally surfing the world and cool locations: like the southern tip of Africa, two whales on australia's east coast, the island of Robinson Crusoe and so on...
Simply amazing.
But best of all, you can actually post pictures on location! with an API called Panoramio ( just upload pics from your camera to the location on google earth!!
One thing I like about this amazing option is that if you've been somewhere where no one has taken any pictures before, you can be the first one to show the world what this place looks like.
I've posted some pics in Lebanon around Bcharre, and some in Dubai around the beach. And i'm sure there will be more to come.

stand by me

beautiful song
beautiful video.

I think this is one of the most powerful songs ever written.
actually, I should try to find and post: 'the most powerful songs ever.'

creative thinking

salut les gars,
J'aimerai partager un link avec vous.

Le projet s'appelle "Interactive Photo Hunt". Un gars a décidé de créer un jeux d'images ou il faut trouver la différence entre les 2 photos. Mais ce qui est intéressant et vraiment original, c'est qu'il a utiliser Youtube pour créer les niveaux du jeux.
--> Savoir utiliser un service tel que Youtube et le modifier de façon a créer quelquechose de totalement différent, est vraiment très très original. Et je pense que les personnes qui peuvent 'think outside the box' comme ca, y'en a pas beaucoup.

J'ai pu arriver jusqu'au niveau 18. C'est pas évident.
I like the music too.


and enjoy :)

routes dangereuses

Most dangerous roads on the planet.


Ça ne vous tente pas? ;)